Wednesday, April 30, 2003

Regarding "Palestinian council approves Abu Mazen cabinet" and "Army intelligence: Abu Mazen unable to halt terror", Ha'Aretz, April 30, 2003 ( Published in Ha'Aretz, May 1, 2003 ) : While being skeptical about the chances for radical changes being carried out by the new Palestinian government under Prime Minister Mahmoud Abbas, I think that the Israeli government should try to give Mr Abbas an opportunity to establish a more or less representative and legitimate government with which Israel can negotiate about some final agreement between the Jewish state and what in the end will become a Palestinian state. I doubt, though, whether Sharon c.s. are even nominally interested in such negotiations. Spokesmen for Israel's government and for rightwing Israeli parties continue to help the Palestinian opponents to any modus vivendi between Israel and 'a Palestinian entity' in their efforts to delegitimize Abu Mazen, by pointing out that the latter does not ( intend to ) stop terror - see Tuesday night's bombing in Tel Aviv - or that he is or was a holocaust denier etc. etc. Sharon will continue to look for a Palestinian who can claim honorary membership of the World Zionist Organization AND who represents a majority of the Palestinian people. He must be aware that such a person does not and will not exist, and that if the Palestinians were not our enemy we would not have to negotiate with them to begin with. Maybe our Prime Minister is just happy with every stumbling block that makes implementing any roadmap more difficult. This way he can continue to realize what has always been and apparently will forever be his greatest dream, a Greater Israel, no matter what the real interests and the wellbeing of the Jewish people and the Jewish state demand.

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