Monday, May 19, 2003

Regarding "Three terrorists went to same college", Ha'aretz, May 19, 2003 ( Published in Ha'Aretz, May 20, 2003 ): In the article on the three terrorists-murderers who carried out the suicide bombings in Hebron and Jerusalem on Saturday eve and Sunday morning it says that their videotaped 'wills/testaments' carried all a similar message. Their attacks " were aimed at destabilizing the new Palestinian government with Mahmoud Abbas at its head and at preventing the implementation of the Quartet's road map and any renewal of security cooperation between Israel and the Palestinian Authority". Am I wrong or did at least one (extreme)right-wing MK recently travel all the way to the United States to lobby Congress members, Christian fundamentalists and other sincere and less sincere supporters of Israel for almost exactly the same causes? If so, besides deducing once more that several groups on the different sides of the dividing lines of the Arab-Israeli conflict often have all too similar goals, we may conclude that there is yet another field in which our enemies have outmatched us: the deathwishes of the suicide bombers are being satisfied almost instantly. Therefore MK Yuri Stern and his colleagues should rather spend their travel budgets on worthier causes.

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