Friday, June 27, 2003

Regarding "Bush urges Europe to cut Hamas funds", IHT, June 26, 2003: The jury in my head is still out on whether to laugh or cry about two things that I read in this article. First, George W. Bush claims that he knows " the history of the terrorists in the Middle East ", even though he has always given us the impression that he never paid particular attention during lessons on history and on the Middle East. Then it said that Hamas ( still ) receives support and funding from European Union member states. We all know about the close links between the political and social sections of 'liberation movements' in Europe such as the IRA and ETA, and their illegal terrorist branches. In the last years much has been learnt about the close cooperation between the 'legitimate' socio-political and the terrorist parts of movements such as Islamic Jihad, Hezbollah, and Hamas. Many of Hamas' 'humanitarian' or political activists have been moonlighting as 'militants', by assisting in or personally carrying out terror attacks, or by publicly defending such attacks. What explanation, then, can we have for a continuing European support for whatever branch of Hamas, other than that Europe approves in a way of this terrorist organization's methods and aims?

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