Tuesday, August 05, 2003

Regarding "UK press watchdog backs writer who won't read mail from Jews", Ha'aretz, August 5, 2003: One of the major achievements of Osama bin Laden, his fellow terrorists and his supporters, is to have brought to the surface much of what without their actions probably would have remained in a closet labeled "public embarrassment". Although most of the criticism against Israeli policies in general and against those of the current government in particular is legitimate and quite often justified, it is obvious that since September 11th 2001 - more than ever before - those who harbor negative perceptions of and prejudices against Jews have been able to vent their inner sentiments under the publicly authorized and politically correct umbrella of one-dimensional commentaries upon or disapproval of the policies of the Jewish state, thereby often failing or refusing to distinguish between Ariel Sharon and his government on one side and the people of Israel ( in its broadest sense ) on the other. Two frequently repeated topoi in these commentators' observations are " After all that the Jews went through..." and many colorful and creative variations on the good old " Me an antisemite? My best friends are Jews!" bromide. At least those on the Israeli Left who consider themselves Zionists know today that they have predominantly themselves to rely upon, and that their basis of sincere and concerned support abroad is disappointingly small, and apparently becoming smaller every day. It seems that very few in Europe are truly interested in the fate of Palestinians or in a just and comprehensive peace in this region. Many of the Europeans and other Westerners who claim to support either the poor Palestinians or the threatened Jewish state first and foremost have their own personal narrow, often quite biased political agendas in mind, and could not care less about the fate and future of the average Christian, Jew or Muslim here.

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