Friday, September 12, 2003

Regarding Views page, IHT, September 12, 2003: As happens so often with experts' comments on 'the' conflict, the views expressed by Marwan Bishara, Uri Dromi and Thomas Friedman all contain some truth and leave out much more. As Mr Bishara tells us, Arabs and Jews have been living on the same plot of land ( Palestine-Israel ) for centuries. Still, if he believes that Jews would like to return to the days where for their daily affairs and their very survival they were totally dependent on the ( mostly non-existent ) goodwill of their non-Jewish neighbors, he suffers of a severe illusionary disorder. Uri Dromi's plea for separation - mutally agreed-upon, or unilaterally initiated by Israel - makes sense. When he writes about Uri Dan's " prophecy suddenly " coming true, though, he forgets to tell us that Uri Dan, Mr Dan's good personal friend Ariel Sharon and many other Israeli politicians and opinion makers never have been really interested in seriously thinking about - let alone implementing - a major condition for any viable agreement that will form a basis for a modus vivendi for Jews and Arabs between the Mediterranean and the Jordan river: evacuating most if not all of the Jewish settlements in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip, and allowing the Palestinians to build a state of their own. Thomas Friedman rightly stresses the fact that Israelis ( both Jews and Arabs ) are clinging to normality. Nevertheless, considering Jews getting tattoos as a sign of that intention semms a bit odd to me. I support his call for a more convinced and convincing American involvement, although I am not sure if president Bush's government has the right intentions and qualifications to succeed here.

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