Monday, October 13, 2003

Regarding « Palestinian bickering continues to worsen » and « For Bush and Sharon, an uneasy alliance », IHT, October 13, 2003: It has become very clear that regarding the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, we should not expect salvation to come from any of our own non-leaders, or from someone like George Bush. They are all too busy thinking in terms of and being led ( by the nose ) by narrow political interests, alliances, lobby groups etc. None of them is seriously interested in peace, or even in finding a modus vivendi for Palestinians and Israelis within the framework of some sort of Living-Apart-Together relationship. It is up to local, non-official initiatives such as the People’s Voice ( ) and what has been dubbed the Beilin-Abbed Rabo accord to fill the void left by the lack of leadership on all sides. These initiatives deserve the support of international bodies, e.g. the European Union and the U.N . Only thus a glimmer of hope can be preserved for those truly interested in peace, i.e. the vast majorities of the Israeli and Palestinian people.

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