Friday, December 12, 2003

With three articles on his excellent weblog, The Head Heeb, Jonathan Edelstein saved me a lot of work and precious time, as these articles deal with subjects that I also wanted to write about: the conclusion of an agreement between the EU and Syria within the framework of the Euro-Mediterranean Partnership ( Roman Empire Reunification Watch, December 10 ); the discussion within the Likud about the hints expressed by Sharon and his close associates regarding a possible unilateral Israeli withdrawal from ( part of ) the territories ( Managing the Conflict, December 10 ); and the hottest issue in France today, the recommendations of the Stasi ( what's in a name ) commission regarding the separation of church/synagogue/mosque and state, which could lead to a ban on wearing skullcaps, veils, crosses etc. in schools ( Mutual Concerns, December 10 ). Jonathan also writes about another interesting subject, the proposal to include Israel in the Francophonie ( The Francophonie and Israel, December 11 ) .

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