Friday, January 16, 2004

Regarding "Young mother kills 4 Israelis in suicide blast", IHT, January 15, 2004: When a young mother's wish to meet God in paradise is greater than her love for her two young children and her husband, and when one of the so-called leaders of her people defends sending her on her deadly mission by citing "purely practical concerns", calling it "a distinguished operation", it is not so hard to understand why Israelis truly interested in a just and peaceful solution to 'the conflict' have such a hard time selling their ideas to a more and more cynical Israeli public. Suicide bombings are not the result of economic and humanitatian hardship: almost exclusively they are carried out and encouraged by religious ( often Islamist ) fanatics, whereas most people who have faced not less - and often much more - distress, humiliations and poverty all over the world and throughout history chose more distinguished and successful ways to find a way out of their plight. The way in which - once again - the 'humanitarian approach' of the occupying forces was abused by someone who falsely pretended to need help will cause even more distress and humiliation for this woman's fellow countrymen and -women, which will result in more anti-Israel photo-ops such as the one accompanying this article. I truly hope that one day the love of all, or at least most, Palestinian mothers and fathers for their children will be greater than their hatred for the Jews and their wish to die and kill for the sake of a perverted version of their religion. That day we will see the end of the conflict.

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