Saturday, March 13, 2004

Although I understand that it makes electoral sense for the current Spanish government to prefer the ETA being responsible for Thursday's bombings in Madrid, I have no idea whatsoever why the socialist opposition 'prefers' Al-Qa'ida as the main suspects, claiming that a link between 3/11 and Islamist terror would somehow prove leftwing and other opposition against Spain's participation in the war against Iraq to have been right. From the very moment of the blasts onwards many clues have justified Al-Qa'ida or one of its many affiliated organisations or cells as the main suspect, whereas ETA involvement still seems highly improbable. As one expert said on CNN this evening, there is a limit to how many people a local terrorist organization can kill without losing all possible legitimacy and support needed to achieve its goals. Foreign and global terrorists have totally different agendas and considerations. I just read that five suspects were arrested who not really appear to have any link to the Basque nationalist armed struggle. Does all this mean that the opponents of the war in Iraq can be satisfied, as their cause has been proven right? I don't think so. Just as much as there was no real relation between the war against terror and the war against Saddam Hussein, there is no link between support for the war that ousted Saddam's regime and the wrath of Bin Laden c.s. Islamists do not need any specific reason to attack, theirs is a continuous war against anyone who does not share their worldview, be it Christians, Hindus, Jews or moderate Muslims, and that war is fought mainly according to opportunities offered. Whenever and wherever they can hit with maximum results they can be expected to hit. The only way we can beat them is by hitting them first, as well as by not adopting and applying the way of thinking and argueing which they want us to adopt ( claiming a cause-reaction link between support for the hated Americans and Zionists/the suffering of the Palestinians or other oppressed Muslims on the one hand, and being attacked by Al Qa'ida on the other ). Thinking - or even worse, openly saying - that the assault against Madrid was caused ( and implicitly is justified ) by Spain's support for the Bush government in the war in Iraq provides legitimacy to the terrorists' cause, and thereby strengthens the terrorists.

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