Sunday, March 28, 2004

I am always glad to receive feedback from readers. This morning I found this message in my mailbox: I just read the current page of your revolting leftwing blog. You remind me of the "joke" about the idiot Jew facing the firing squad. He shushes his friend who is cursing the nazis getting ready to shoot them both: "be quiet, you'll make them really mad!" Get this straight: Rabbis' For Human Rights are encouraging MORE terrorism and killing Yassin was A BLESSING FOR HUMANITY. Dag... Y. B. David Editor, JewPoint Mr ( for some reason I automatically asumed we are dealing with a male reader ) David's weblog can be found here. The two of us have only three things in common, I am afraid: we are both Jewish ( only one of us living in Israel ), and we share the same blog-provider and the same Blogger-template. I wrote him a reply, telling him that I would put a link to his blog, expecting him to put one to mine. PS: As can be seen on his posting of last Friday, Mr David does not really owe me credit for reminding him of the firing squad joke. Instead he was reminded of this witz-with-whiskers by the conservative columnist Paul Greenberg.

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