Wednesday, March 03, 2004

A week ago I returned to Israel, and almost every day there was something that I could have written about or commented upon. Still, as I am taking my time to get organized, visit friends and return to what will become my normal routine again, I just have not had the time or peace of mind yet to sit down and write something. Please allow me another week, after that I will start writing and posting on a regular basis again. One short comment about the 'revelations' in today's Ma'ariv newspaper regarding the business contacts between the Sharon family and the father-in-law of the IDF officer ( res. ) / drugsdealer / spy / traitor ( we might never know which of these descriptions is closest to the truth ) Elhanan Tennenbaum. This does not seem to be something that might bring down the government. Still, one MK of the NRP ( I think he has the longest Ashkenazi name of all NRP MKs, something with an S ) said on television tonight - I paraphrase and strongly agree with his words - that there have been too many revelations about things related to Sharon's business interests which he claims not to know anything about, and that if he is not lying one should wonder if he knows anything about the political work he is supposed to carry out as leader of this country. I believe that someone who has so many business interests as Ariel Sharon ( e.g. deals and political decisions involving land and agriculture, the shady dealings of his son(s) ) can hardly be expected to properly lead any country.

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