Tuesday, March 30, 2004

Yesh! The Final Four of the Euroleague will be held in Tel Aviv on April 29th as planned. In addition, Valencia will be punished with a technical loss and a fine for not showing up last week for its game against Maccabi TA. I have no idea what convinced those who were supposed to vote ( business, the fact that alternatives such as Barcelona and Moscow are located in countries that have known terror attacks much worse than some of the bombings here, a video recording with the actors of the Argentinian youth-soap opera Rebelde!, who have come to visit here many times ) but the result is definitely a defeat both for those who want to give in to terrorists' demands and for those who want to take advantage of the fears of the supporters of appeasement. Now let us hope that things will remain calm for at least another month. Thirty days is a very long time here.

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