Monday, April 19, 2004

Today is the day on which the people of Israel officially remember the Shoah. Also, 61 years ago on Pesach eve, April 19th 1943, the uprising in the Warsaw ghetto started. Last night, after we already went to bed, I watched the second half of a very good, Oscar-winning Dutch movie, The Assault ( De Aanslag ), which was broadcast on one of the channels here. After that I watched part of the Israeli documentary "Because of that war". This film, made in 1988, describes the relationship of the popular Israeli musician Yehudah Poliker and his artistic partner and producer Ya'acov Gil'ad with their parents, who survived the Shoah. Yehudah Poliker's father tells about his experiences during the war in Saloniki and Auschwitz, and Helena Birnbaum, Ya'acov Gil'ad's mother, about what she went through in Lublin and Maidanek. A very moving documentary, with beautiful music from Poliker/Gil'ad's album "Ashes and Dust".

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