Sunday, May 16, 2004

Just made soms changes among the links in the lefthand margin of my blog. Links to most photoblogs were removed, and links to five Israel-related weblogs were added: Lights in the Distance, Protocols, Anglosaxy, Just Jennifer, and Gil Ben Mori's If I forget thee.... It goes without saying that everything that is written on each of these blogs is the responsibility of that blog's author(s). Often I agree with what they have to say, sometimes I strongly disagree with it. As far as I am aware, what all these blogs have to offer when it comes to the events that take place around us here is a more or less balanced, not fanatic or all too one-sided view that respects and supports Israel's right to exist and the country's duty to defend itself (*), while none of their authors seem to explicitly deny the fact that Israel cannot and should not hold on forever to ( all of ) the occupied territories, and that a political, just, accomplishable solution has to be found to make life liveable for most Palestinians by offering them a way out of their misery, preferably within a state of their own. You will not find here any blogs the authors of which are categorically unable or unwilling to accept the existence and legitimacy of either a Jewish state in Israel or a Palestinian people and its claims to independence, and/or who describe their opponents in abusive or disdainful terms ( in other words, I tend not to read blogs by people who are either too obviously right- or leftwing in my eyes, even though Left and Right have become fairly useless terms in today's Israel ). I am sure that still many good and balanced Israel-related blogs are missing on my list. If you know any weblog that suits my 'criteria' please let me know about it, and I will have a look to see if it might be worthwhile to put a link to it here. (*) I am not totally sure what Aron Trauring's opinion on this subject is, but although I disagree with a lot of what he writes he regularly has something interesting and worth reading to say, and he gave me some very good advice when I started my blog. That is why his site is and remains featured among the blogs that I read once in a while.

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