Sunday, May 02, 2004

Just on a weekend like this, with plenty to write about ( Maccabi Tel Aviv more than convincingly winning the Euroleague Championship, Likud referendum on Sharon's disengagement plan and Israel's future ), some virus caused problems to our computer, in spite of the Norton Antivirus protection and Firewall that we have installed. We are working to fix the problems, but don't be surprised if the number of postings will remain minimal the coming days. PS: I even watched more than half of the game ( the first half, then I had to go out for about twenty minutes, after that I saw the last five minutes ). The show that was put on before the start of the game ( among other artists we saw the always wonderful and right now very pregnant Ahinoam Nini, or Noa, perform ), and the game itself and the whole organization, all that is worth much more than all the attempts by Foreign Ministry and other officials to 'improve Israel's image'. It has been proven that international sports events can be held here, that life can be about as normal as possible for Israelis, and that Israel is not a country that consists ( only ) of occupiers and fanatics. The Likud referendum today might undo the effect of the latter part of the positive publicity that we received these last two days, but that is not the fault of Ahinoam Nini, Meyumana, Mr Mizrahi or the fine players of Maccabi Tel Aviv, they did what they could, and they did it well, so let us at least enjoy that for the hours that are left until the results of the referendum are published.

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