Wednesday, May 12, 2004

Regarding "American beheaded in revenge" and "Israeli troops search for remains of 6 comrades", IHT, May 12, 2004: It is hard to believe the claims by Dick Berg's murderers that his killing was a revenge for the abuse of Iraqi prisoners by US soldiers. It is even harder to take seriously the sincerity of the indignation of all those who protest that abuse, or of those who want us to believe that they care about the poor Iraqis and the miserable Palestinians. Where are all these demonstrators and their outcries of anger and grief when the remains of Jewish soldiers are abused, or when innocent civilians ( who not infrequently or by chance happen to be Jewish ) are brutally murdered by Islamists, sometimes in front of a camera? Muslim fanatics and Arab nationalists have been indulging in repulsive violence and cruelty for the sake of cruelty for quite a long time. The coldblooded murder of the disabled Leon Klinghoffer ( October 1985 ), the videotaped murder of David Pearl ( February 2002 ) and the lynch of two Israeli reservists in Ramallah ( October 2000 ) are proof of the fact that things like these happened long before the American army invaded Iraq or before Israel killed this or that Hamas leader. As long as the indignation and concerns of the supporters of our opponents make up only a one-way street, I see no reason why one should consider their anger and arguments as genuine and sincere.

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