Monday, June 07, 2004

Although the Dutch daily De Telegraaf is not really a quality paper, I often visit its website, because it is updated very frequently, and already several interesting news items I saw there for the first time. This evening an article on the website refered to a report on the program Munich Report on the German channel ARD about something that has been written about already more than once: large amounts of money, part of it given to the Palestinian Authority and its chairman Yasser Arafat by the European Union and other wellmeaning sponsors, were transfered - illegally and in very sophisticated and sometimes complex ways - to finance terrorist activities. Since this time not Israel is pointing the accusing finger maybe someone in Europe will listen and do something about it. Sorry that the links in this posting refer only to websites in either German or Dutch. The report can be viewed here. PS: I just read the name of the main source for the program, Uzrad Lev. He is called "Arafat's ex-Finance Minister", but it should be noted that he is first of all a former Israeli security official, who together with the late Yossi Ginosar - a former highranking GSS official and businessman - advised members of the Palestinian Authority on financial matters. As far as I know it is not clear yet whether or not during their period of employment in service of the Palestinians the two worked for or in cooperation and coordination with the Israeli government. Mr Lev's sources seem to be substantial, but his claims would be even more convincing ( and listened to ) if Palestinian insiders were to come out and verify them.

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