Monday, June 28, 2004

Apparently the foreign media were wrong about the number of casualties as a result of the attack yesterday against an IDF outpost in the Gaza strip. This morning Israeli media mentioned ''''only'''' one soldier killed, not five. Still, the fact that terrorists were able to dig a tunnel right under the outpost, plant 150 kilograms of explosives and detonate them with a remote control, could in the eyes of some be considered a success for our enemies. Or as Amos Harel tells us: "If there is one thing that has become abundantly clear in Israel's long war with the Palestinians, it is that there should be restraint when operational successes are mentioned. There are no big victories in this conflict, nor even decisive battles. Apparently, the most that one side can hope to achieve is a temporary advantage - in points - until the adversary discovers your weak point and takes advantage of it."

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