Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Today is our wedding anniversary, and I thought I would not spend any time blogging, but while surfing through various news media I found a lot of material that I would like to share with my readers. Joep Bertrams (*) is the cartoonist of the Dutch daily Het Parool. He also works for the television program NOVA. On December 15th 2003 I already posted one of his cartoons, about the capture of Saddam. Here are three more examples of his work. The first one will probably be appreciated only by my Dutch readers: The caption of the second one says "Retreating". It was published on May 25th ( for an animated version click here ). The third was published on May 26th ( for an animated version click here ). This is most probably it for today. We will celebrate our anniversary by going to a nice restaurant for lunch. (*) As you can see I finally figured out how to have a new window pop up when you click on a link. Now you can click on the links without leaving my blog. From now on all links to articles, photos etc. on other websites will open a new window. The permalinks in the lefthand margin have already been updated.

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