Wednesday, June 30, 2004

We had a good time at Ikea, especially in the restaurant. I did not have the patience to watch the semifinal of the European Football Championship 2004 between Portugal and Holland. I only watched the national anthems and listened to Dutch radio for the last ten minutes of the game. Although the commentators for ten minutes complained about the referee, I understood from other analysts that the Portugese deserved to win, which seems fair if you take into account that the only goal for the Dutch this evening was made by a Portugese player, and that until now only one game was won in regular time. The person whom I heard saying that this is probably the maximum that this Dutch team+coach were able to achieve was right, apparently. It is a shame. The team that most of all deserves to win is that of the Czech Republic, which tomorrow will have to beat Greece to reach he final. Good luck to them. I am tired, I'll have a shower and watch a rerun of Seinfeld. Layla tov.

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