Thursday, June 17, 2004

When I come across a blog or another website that seems to be readable, funny, informative and not offensive and/or too one-sided, and that I would like others to see and/or read, I often put its URL among my favorites to view it later and include it among my weblog's list of blogs and sites that I visit now and then. During the last month or so I had built up quite a long list of those websites and -logs. Today the time has come to clean that list and to finally update my blog's template. As you can see, the list of Israel-related blogs has become much longer. The following blogs were added: Celestial Blue ( I dream Therefore I Am ), Chayyei Sarah, Fiddish ( Steven I. Weiss' blog on the website of the Forward ), Haggai's Place, Jerusalem Wanderings, Not a Fish ( provincially speaking ), Thoughts from a Rabbi, Unplugged Mike, World Watching, and Zackary Sholem Berger ( who has also a weblog in Yiddish! ). The website of British writer-journalist Melanie Phillips often contains interesting pieces, so I put it under Various Websites. There I also put a link to Jewish Education and Entertainment, one of several websites set up and maintained by Jacob Richman. This particular site contains links to websites with Jewish trivia questions, Hebrew language games etc. Finally, via this blog you will be able to visit the Memory of Holland ( Geheugen van Nederland ), a beautiful Dutch website with a lot of information and pictures that relate to the history of the Netherlands. To read the site in English just click on the brown-white button in the upper-right corner of the screen. Just click and have a look on any of the abovementioned sites.

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