Tuesday, July 06, 2004

Daniel Ben-Simon often writes about a subject that always has my attention: French Jewry. In today's Ha'Aretz he writes - based on his knowledge and meetings with French-speaking Jews from both France and Canada - on something that Israeli leaders right and left should think about: relations between Jews abroad and whoever is in charge in Israel on a given day. While it is somtimes amusing and often annoying to see that many Diaspora Jews try to compensate their being unable or unwilling to come and live here by expressing what they see as the most pro-Israel ( i.e. rightwing, anti-Arab ) views possible, it is also not fair to expect them to adopt the exact positions of this or that Israeli government, given the fact that not only do we change governments quite frequently, but also the same Prime Minister changes his views and positions so much that it is almost impossible to keep up with it.

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