Friday, July 16, 2004

Having had quite a busy couple of days, I volunteered to stay at home as a 'babysitter' for our son while my wife and our daughter went to see their cousins/nephew and nieces at the house of my parents-in-law, who live one street below ours. This way I can have a nice shower and go to bed very early ( less than half an hour after writing this posting ). Two articles were accepted for publication this week, one of them a Dutch translation of an English article that already was accepted by a major Israeli magazine last week. After being published both articles will appear in Dutch and English on my blog, probably some time next week. This afternoon we went to the bar mitzvah of our daughter's best friend's brother. Wow! It was excellent. It took place in a kibbutz nearby right in the middle of the woods on the Carmel mountain(s), with all kinds of activities and special treats for the children and a wonderful variety of food and drinks.  The d.j./m.c. was the same one who 'did' our wedding. We left our son at home with my mother-in-law, because we knew that the food was going to be good, and we wanted to fully enjoy it rather than run after him. While he slept at home we ate Druze pitta bread filled with lamb and aubergine, a very tasty entrecote, rice and baked potatoes, all sorts of salads and more. For desert I helped myself twice to a generous serving of three different kinds of pie plus coconut icecream. Now I will go, have a shower, lie down and digest all the good stuff that I consumed today. As you can see I allow myself once in a while to be decadent. In the course of the weekend I will post some references to and maybe also comments on articles that I read in Ha'Aretz and the IHT. 

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