Sunday, July 04, 2004

I added a new feature to my blog. In the lefthand margin you can see what book(s) I am currently reading. For now I only will mention books that are available at, where I order most of the books that I buy. Maybe in the future I will also subscribe to a similar 'service' offered by Amazon France and Germany ( French and German books and music ) or Proxis ( where I buy books in Dutch ). Normally I do not read more than one or two books at once, but some days after I began reading Vichy's Afterlife for my research I started reading the book by the always very insightful David Grossman, and both books are very interesting. Then I received The Hobbit yesterday as a a birthday gift from my wife's aunt and uncle, and since I did not bring any other book with me to Ganey Tikvah, where they live, I started reading that book as well, and it appears to be wonderful. Therefore as an exception I am reading three books all at once: two for both business and pleasure, one for pelasure only. If you want to keep me reading and happy, order your books at via one of the links on my blog! Just kidding, I will keep reading ( and probably remain happy ) also without your support.

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