Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Regarding Editorial "Say yes to Sharon", Ha'Aretz, July 12, 2004: While reading today's editorial, I wonder where Ha'Aretz' editors see any political leadership in Israel, and even more how they expect three non-leaders who have no real control over their own parties to create "the unification of political leadership". None of the three septua/octogenarians seems to have a real clue what kind of society he wants Israel to be and what relations with a future Palestinian state should look like. As important as the principle of disengagement is, putting the label 'disengagment' on any highly diluted plan that even in its original version still left us in control of large parts of the territories does not really bring about a separation between us and the Palestinians. Declaring such a diluted version ( which in any case arouses vehement resistance among many members of Likud ) to be our highest goal - while not giving any serious thought to all other issues that are of vital importance for the Jewish state and for Israeli society - will not bring about redemption from the mess that we find ourselves in today. As bad as a lack of true leadership in Israel for about ten years or more has been for us, for the state and for Israel's democracy, what has even been worse is the absolute lack of real and constructive opposition. The Labor party would render an enormous service to all of us if its so-called leaders stopped enviously eyeing the seats of government and started to draw up a real and comprehensive ( economics, social, military-political and foreign policies, education, separation of synagogue and state ) alternative to both Likud and Shinuy. As soon as Shimon Peres has put his own political house in order, he ( or rather someone a bit younger ) will have the chance of presenting a real alternative to the Israeli voters. Jumping on a train with two other drivers who do not exactly know in what direction they are heading will not help anybody, except for the lucky few in Labor who will replace some of the current government members.

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