Thursday, July 29, 2004

Regarding "Kerry the great straddler" by William Safire, IHT, July 29, 2004: Why is it that I am not surprised by William Safire's support for George W. Bush and attack on John Kerry? Could it be because Mr Saffire and Mr Bush share that same one-way straightforwardness ( which could be mistaken for simple-mindedness ) which makes the current American governement so appreciated around the world? It is true, John Kerry should make his positions on several issues a bit clearer before November 2nd, but that he is not as one-dimensional as today's Texan President speaks for and not against him. I am proud to admit that according to William Safire's pseudo-arguments I also qualify as a straddler. I do believe that life begins at conception, yet I am resolutely pro-choice and in favor of allowing women ( and their husbands or other partners ) to make their own choices, with legal limits regarding late-time abortion. I feel uncomfortable when it comes to stem cell research, but if such research is used not ( only ) for bare profits but for the improvement and saving of other people's lives I can live with it, again with legal limits of course. Like Mr Kerry, I do not wholeheartedly support same-sex marriages, but I also would not like a central government to ban them, as I believe very much in the personal freedom of every sane human being to more or less live the life that he/she chooses. As for the death penalty, I think that no matter what a criminal has done it is too cruel to let him/her wait for years to be executed. On the other hand, I hardly ever feel sorry for a murderer, rapist, terrorist or other capital criminal if (s)he is killed right before, while or right after committing his/her crime, even though I know that in such a case justice might not really be served. It is a good thing for president Bush that people outside the United States who know and love subtle distinctions between black and white, unlike so many of his electorate, are uneligible to vote in another three months, because if they were he could already start packing his bags, and Mr Safire could already start thinking about his four-year campaign to get a Republican back into the White House.

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