Sunday, July 18, 2004

This morning me and my wife spent an hour or two at the service centre of Cellcom, Israel's largest mobile telephone operator. Its service is very good and we got a highly attractive package through a family member whose company's workers committee offers such packages to the company's employees and their families. Every two or three years the package changes ( always for the better: lower rates, newer phones etc. etc. ), and it was time again for such a change. Both of us chose the Nokia 3100, which is very light and small. My father-in-law also chose that model, even though my wife and the saleswoman tried to tell him very gently that his fingers might be not gentle enough for it ( it would be a disaster for my father as well, all the time he would push the wrong numbers ). I am sure he will go back in a couple of days or weeks to get a more robust model.

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