Saturday, August 28, 2004

The grandson of Mahatma Ghandi is here to tell those among the Palestinians who are willing to listen to him about non-violence as a ( the ) way to oppose the occupation. He said some very wise and true things, stressing the holiness of human lives. I think it would be great if most Palestinians were to listen to/put into practice what this man has to say: it would mean the real beginning of the end for the occupation. As it is hard to 'sell' the use of tanks and helicopter gunships against civilians even when it is obvious that armed terrorists hide behind them, it will become impossible for Israel to justify any violent response to truly non-violent mass protests. Still, one of the 'problems' with non-violence is that you cannot really have it both ways without losing your credibility and thus your strength. If there was a real chance that all or at least most Palestinian activists were to adopt non-violence as their main form of opposition to Israel's presence in the territories, I am sure that the current Israeli government and the settlers would start to sweat seriously. In the meantime that chance remains only virtual, as the incident reported yesterday on the same Ha'Aretz webpage as Mr Ghandi's visit 'proves'. Yet another wasted opportunity for the Palestinian ( and the Israeli ) people.

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