Monday, August 09, 2004

In today's Ha'Aretz two thought-provoking articles, one by Sefi Rachlevsky, the other by Dan Ben-David. The conclusion of Rachlevsky: " Anyone who really wants to begin to leave the territories doesn't have to save Sharon: He has to bring him down." A firm statement by Ben-David, which makes just as much sense to me: " The time has come for Israel to make a clear determination between policies that will allow it to blossom and policies that are causing it to wither. As is indicated by unemployment, poverty and growth rates that have become steadily worse since the 1970s, there is no middle road. The only way to preserve our current population and to draw more Jews to Israel is by creating a viable democratic state with a solid Jewish majority and an internal strength built upon equal rights, obligations and opportunities at the personal level, and unshakable integrity by it leaders. This is what our children are being drafted this August to defend. For 18 years, each parent lovingly and tenderly raises these flowers - but not to serve as cannon fodder for irrational and capricious ideologies of hypocritical and self-serving leaders."

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