Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Regarding "Marathon attacker is fined 3000 Euro", IHT Sports, August 31, 2004:
All things considered, the latest Olympics were successful and a pleasure to watch. Still, besides some problems with jury voting - for which the organizers cannot be held responsible - there were two serious incidents related to security, which influenced the outcome of two competitions: men's synchronised 3 metre springboard diving and the men's marathon. In the first case, the two Chinese favorites appeared totally confused after some clown was able to force his way onto the springboard, which enabled the two Greek competitors to grab the golden medal. During the marathon a deranged priest was able to attack Brazil's Vanderlei de Lima, frightening him and possibly preventing him from getting more than the bronze medal that he received in the end. With large international ( sports ) events increasingly becoming a global stage for each and every one who feels an urgent need to express his personal and/or political frustrations, organizers of large sports competitions such as the Olympics should not only make sure that people who can be easily recognized as harmful loonies ( such as in the two cases mentioned above ) will not have access to sports accomodations, but also think of changing the rules in such a way that people with harmful intentions will be unable to ruin the chances of winning for men and women who spent years and years training in order to shine on such a global stage.

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