Thursday, September 09, 2004

Today 185 officers, former MKs, scholars and other public figures issued 'a right wing petition' calling on police and Israel Defense Forces troops to 'listen to the voice of their personal and national conscience' and refuse to take part in the evacuation of settlements, an act they define as a crime against humanity, a national crime and an explicitly illegal act". About a year ago a group of IAF pilots said that they would refuse to participate anymore in attacks that could endanger civilians in the West Bank and Gaza ( i.e. in so-called targeted assassinations ). Also, quite a few reserve soldiers have proclaimed that they refuse to take part in the occupation, prefering to spend the time of their reserve duty in military prison. It will be interesting to see who - among those who labeled these conscientious pilots and soldiers traitors, and many did so - will come out against this petition. Its most prominent signatory is the father of Bibi, all the other people mentioned in the article I never heard of before ( "the writers Naomi Frenkel and Ezra Cohen" ?), but that of course says more about me than about them.

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