Thursday, October 07, 2004

The blast(s) in Taba show(s) once more that all extremists and not-so-extremists can rest assured: Sharon will not have to withdraw from Gaza, the settlers can stay and expand where they are, Arafat does not have to step down ( since he will not be the president of any Palestinian state ), the occupation will continue, therefore all leaders of the Arab and Muslim world will continue to be able to trun all their peoples' anger and frustration towards those bloody Zionists. Also, since Israel will ( have to ) retaliate, Europe can blame us for overreacting and profile itself as being 'more balanced' than the Bush government, which will use this attack to justify its invasion of Iraq, etc. etc. etc.
Meanwhile ordinary Israelis and Palestinians will keep burying and mourning their dead and taking care of their wounded and maimed, and foreign reporters will be able to show their viewers and readers how hatred among Palestinians is created and perpetuated ( forgetting that hatred is not exactly a one-way street ).

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