Sunday, October 31, 2004

On channel 2 I watched parts of the rally in Tel Aviv in remembrance of the murder of PM Yitzhak Rabin nine years ago. The rally's organizers decided not to allow any political speeches, a ban which was of course ignored by more than one participant. Osnat Vishinsky, a very talented actress and the mother of Lior z"l who was killed in the Gaza Strip several months ago, spoke about choosing life, about the sanctity of the land where her son shed his last drops of blood, but she also said that that piece of land - which is holy to her personally - is not worth the deaths of more young men who will have to be mourned by their loved ones, and that leaving Gaza will strengthen our wonderful people and that people's state. David Broza sang his beautiful "Yihyeh Tov" ( It will be all right ) and at the end of the verse describing president Sadat's visit in 1977 he waited for the audience to shout the last line of that verse "Only get out of the territories".
It is hard to ban any political expressions from a rally in remembrance of one of the most political murders in modern history in general, and of Zionist history in particular, especially in these days, when allmost all that is said or done in public is linked somehow to the disengagement plan, be it a sermon by a former Sephardic chief-rabbi of Israel, the speech of the Knesset speaker at a ceremony on Remembrance and Independence Day, or the speech of a mother who lost her son in what she thinks is a useless, wrong war.

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