Monday, November 22, 2004

The fact that PM Sharon was satisified with the results of two out of the three elections for key posts within his Likud party yesterday shows how precarious his own position within that party is. Tzachi Hanegbi, who had to give up his post as minister of Internal Security because he is being investigated for a string of political appointments when he was minister of the Environment and who is not exactly a firm supporter of Sharon's disengagement plan, and Danny Naveh, who is one of the plan's most vocal opponents but voted with Nethanyahu and Livnat about a month ago, were considered 'Sharon's candidates' only because the alternatives were even fiercer opponents of Sharon within the ranks of the party. Still, 'Arik' will continue to have a hard time every time he wants to get support from any of the party's institutions ( especially the Central Committee ) for any step taken in the direction of any disengagement from any of the territories ( what an ugly sentence, I know ).

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