Wednesday, November 10, 2004

If you want to read good comments on and analyses of the shockwaves going through the Netherlands since the murder of Theo van Gogh ( in English, that is, those who are able to read Dutch know which blogs to visit ) I would recommend Peaktalk, which I came across - as was the case with Letters from Rungholt - only after I discovered that it had a permalink to Dutchblog Israel. Peaktalk's Pieter refers to a blog that I did not know until now, where you can find postings on Dutch topics in English. It is called Zacht Ei ( soft egg? I am not really fond of the illustration heading the blog ) and I included it in my list of Dutch blogs.
PS: I was sure that I already had put Peaktalk in that list. I hadn't, a mistake that I corrected right now. And oh, yes, I finally managed to republish my whole blog, so that from now on all archives are available again, including that of April 2003.

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