Monday, November 29, 2004

In my opinion PM Sharon is making a huge mistake by courting the (ultra-)orthodox parties while totally disregarding Shinuy. As a coalition party the latter has been very loyal to Mr Sharon from the very beginning of this cabinet period, whereas he always has had to beg ( with a bag of money in his hands ) for the support of parties like Shas and UTJ. I probably would never vote Shinuy and their achievements as a government member are very meager ( look for instance at subjects like civil marriage, conversion, the plight of foreign workers ), but Lapid c.s. have stood by Arik Sharon during some of his hardest times as a prime minister, something which cannot be said even of the members of his own Likud. Peres and Labor are not really helping by constantly putting out their feelers towards joining a governing coalition with whomever Sharon feels like taking into his government.
Could it be that Sharon - now that there are 1) opportunities for change that never were there on the Palestinian side 2) no serious legal threats facing him and his sons and 3) little chances of support for him within the Likud - lost all his eagerness to promote and implement any disengagement? Were all the skepics right from the very beginning? I hope not, but I am getting less optimistic every day.

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