Monday, November 08, 2004

In today's Ha'Aretz a short and clear article by Arnon Regular on the financial side of the story of Arafat's death struggle. Yesterday I heard Ya'acov Peri, former head of Israel's General Security Service, say in a television interview that Yasser A. himself lived a very modest life, and that few of the alleged hundreds of millions of PA/PLO dollars stashed away outside the territories were spent by or on the chairman himself. Later Ziyad Abu Ziyad, a prominent member of the Palestinian Legislative Council, said about the fact that until last week Mrs Arafat had lived in Paris for about four years without visiting her husband: "The sieged compound where Araft has been living is not a place to raise their daughter". The woman who interviewed him failed to ask why Mrs Arafat chose Paris instead of Gaza, Bethlehem, Jenin or any other Palestinian city. I can assure you that she did/does not pay a 'lousy' 1200 Euros for a 35 m2 Paris apartment like I did for six months last year. Right now she is waging a public struggle with her husbands probable successors ( at least for now ) over the right to end his life: as soon as he is dead she will be a ( very rich, but still ) nobody. One PA official said that Yasser Arafat is not the private property of Suha. When you look at the level of leadership among our neighbors, you would almost thank G'd for the responsible, caring and clean leaders that we have.

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