Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Since I finished my final exams in 1986 I hardly ever seriously used my knowledge of German, except for a word or sentence here and there, doing a translation German-Hebrew in order to get an exemption here at the University ( I got a perfect 100, thank you ), and reading and rereading the wonderful books of Patrick Sueskind once in a while ( I ordered all of them through a few years ago).
When I checked my blogstats some months ago I found out that several readers got here through a weblog named Letters from Rungholt. Its author is a mother of four who lives in a kibbutz not far away from here. She writes in German, which for me is a good opportunity to read that wonderful language ( I know what some people say about it, but you cannot blame a language for being abused by so many of its speakers, or for their sins and crimes ) on a regular basis again. It is a shame that many readers who are interested in the views and experiences of a mother-kibbutznik in Israel won't be able to read ( or rather, to be more precise, understand: I can read Chinese - i.e. see the letters/characters - but I do not understand a bit of it) her highly personal and often moving, beautifully written, quite long and very frequent postings.
I contacted her and it turns out that we work/study at the same university. In a few weeks' time we will meet for a cup of coffee, I am looking forward to it and sure that we have many things to talk about.

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