Thursday, November 11, 2004

This is one of the most pathetic things that I have seen for a long time: Americans apoligizing online for the re-election of George W. Bush ( thanks to Bieslog for refering to the website). I have never been fond of Mr Bush and I think that in many ways he has proven to be a disaster for the world and for his country. But he was elected in what appears to have been a fair election ( at least this time ), and in my opinion a very important factor in his re-election was the fact that he has been openly ridiculed and dispised constantly by so-called progressive Americans, and that his opponent was 'elected' in numerous 'elections' abroad, especially in Europe. Many people with a minimal sense of national pride do not like outsiders to interfere in their internal affairs, and so it often happens that leaders who are insulted and vilified abroad become much more popular at home than would be the case if they had been ignored or dealt with in less emotional-populist and more rational, professional, diplomatic and issue-related ways. See for example: US/Bush, Israel/Sharon, Palestinians/Arafat, Iraq/Saddam. In the case of the US elections I am sure that Kerry's negative campaigning ( focusing constantly on why Americans should not vote for Bush and Cheney rather than why they should vote for him and Mr Edwards ) was a very bad idea. People do not like to be told what not to do by political candidates.

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