Thursday, November 25, 2004

This news item I 'discovered' only when I I saw it mentioned on an online news site. Although I think that it is not very wise of the Tnuva CEO - nor is it for any businessman - to say anything political, especially on such a sensitive subject as the territories, I fully agree with what he said. I also agree with what is said in the statement by the Kibbutz Movement ( I suppose the article means the United Kibbutz Movement here ): "Whoever wants to boycott those who think differently than they do will quickly find that the majority of the state of Israel will boycott one another."
Still, now that 'the' settlers are calling for a boycott of the company, for some time in the near future you will find many Israelis - and me and my wife among them - choosing Tnuva products over their competing alternatives, for spite. We already are loyal customers of Tnuva ( almost all the cheese, milk, 'custard' etc. that we buy are produced by that company ), so there will not be much difference. By the way, I will never support a boycott abroad of things produced in the settlements ( even though I could think of worse ways to express one's disagreement with Israel's policies regarding the territories ), but you will not see me buying something that I know for sure was produced there, if I know there is a reasonable 'blue-white' alternative that is made within the Green Line.

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