Sunday, November 28, 2004

Today's Ha'Aretz had a more than usual amount of thought-provoking articles. In addition to two articles the reading of which prompted me to write a letter to the editor ( see tomorrow's posting ) I read with great interest an op-ed article by Gideon Levy and a feature article by Zvi Harel. After Arafat died I was very annoyed that suddenly most people seemed to have forgotten the less admirable parts of his personal history. A similar thing - mutatis mutandis - happened after Rafael Eitan died. Not that the man did not do many great things, there just were some parts in his biography that were less wonderful. Gideon Levy tells us that - for the sake of historical truth, the public's right to know, and the memory of Raful as a historic figure - those parts should be remembered just as much as the great things that this soldier did. Levy mentions also the opportunism of some of the political "followers" of Raful. One of them is Eliezer 'Modi' Sandberg, a well-known political figure in the Haifa area, who currently serves as Minister of National Infrastructure on behalf of the Shinuy party. Levy says about him: "...there are few parties [he] hasn't joined at some point".
The article by Zvi Harel I would not have read if my curiosity had not been raised by the caption of the picture of Shas MK Peretz, who "was asked to explain the fact that his thesis was written in the first person female". Read the article to get an impression of the way in which some people ( and public servants among them ) have tried - and succeeded - to obtain academic degrees plus the financial and other benefits that such degrees provide. Both amusing and sad, very sad.

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