Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Yesterday evening I saw something that really gave me the creeps. In "Mish'al Ham", a political talk show hosted by Nissim Mish'al, there was an item on Jewish groups that are making efforts to have the Temple rebuilt. There are at least 8 official groups like that, some of them partly funded by governement money and one of them working closely together with the chief rabbinate. No ( serious ) problem with that. What scared me, though, were some words spoken very casually by a spokesman of one of those groups, a guy named Baruch Ben Yosef who - with a heavy American accent - said that the Temple Mount does not have any importance for the Muslims, and that he was sure that the Temple is going to be rebuilt in the near future, either by the State of Israel or - and this is what really frightened me - "by what will replace it [ i.e. the State of Israel ]".

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