Thursday, November 18, 2004

Yesterday I sent the following mail to Sky News' Your Views, following the apparent murder of Margaret Hassan:
From the targets chosen by terrorists in Iraq we can learn very clearly what their goal is: to create or intensify chaos and to prevent any relief being brought to the poor people of Iraq, and/or the establishement of some sort of democracy in that country, no matter how imperfect. Terrorism - whether it is motivated by a political or a religious form of nihilism - thrives on disorder, misery, and peoples' anger towards their leaders. The fact that, after the brutal murders of Ken Bigley, Margaret Hassan and others, many Britons, Americans and other Westerners lay the blame for those murders the blame on Bush and Blair - who do bear a serious part of the responsibility for the mess in Iraq, but that is another subject to discuss - instead of focusing on and denouncing the hideous crimes of the murderers of Mrs Hassan and her fellow-victims, proves that the terrorists are achieving at least some of their goals.

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