Thursday, December 02, 2004

As you can see I figured out how to transform GIF files into JPEG files. For several months now, in order to post pictures on the blog I am forced to use the services of Picasa's Hello, which made posting anything but simple texts much more complicated. You can only use JPEG files. I have been saving several cartoons or comics that I liked, but I was unable to post them because all of them were GIFs.
Yesterday for the first time ever I met someone whom I got to know via my blog, Lila of Letters from Rungholt. It appears that we have quite a lot in common, and socio-politically we agree on most issues, so the hour or so that we sat, drank excellent coffee and talked went by very fast. This was fun, I am sure we will meet again, probably even with our families some day. Lila was the one who told me that GIF files can be easily turned into JPEGs, so yesterday evening I sat, tried and succeeded in doing just that. Expect some more cartoons and comics in the near future.

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