Sunday, December 05, 2004

A few days ago I noticed a new website among the list of sites that refered to Dutchblog Israel, History News Network. Part of that website is a group blog called Cliopatria, maintained by several historians from around the globe, most of them - still: the blog is fairly new and I was told they are working at becoming more 'cosmopolitan' and 'inclusive'- residing in the US. I already thought about adding the blog and its mothersite to the righthand margin of my own blog when I found an e-mail in my Yahoo! mailbox this morning telling me that Dutchblog Israel has been added to Cliopatria's blogroll, and asking me to consider doing the same with Cliopatria. Voila, that is what I just did. Probably in the near future I will add most if not all of the Cliopatria's contributing bloggers' blogs to the list as well.

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