Sunday, December 05, 2004

On the same day that two professors from Haifa's Technion left for Stockholm to receive two thirds of this year's Nobel Prize for Chemistry, yet another massive attempt is under way to initiate/impose a boycott against Israeli academics, by not allowing them to publish, to participate in conferences etc., and not awarding them any prizes. This time the venue is a conference at the London University School of Oriental and African Studies. Although one can hardly accuse me of supporting Israel's policies regarding the occupied territories, or of using the A-word easily, I wonder when those hypocrites will start boycotting academics from China, Iran, Sudan, and other countries that have much worse records than Israel when it comes to human rights and occupation, and I cannot help but suspecting that at least some sort of anti-semitism is one of the motives behind the unacademic activities of the likes of Tom Paulin, Steven and Hilary Rose, and Mona Baker.

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