Sunday, December 12, 2004

Regarding "Bush tells top rabbis: Sharon is a great man", Ha'Aretz, December 12, 2004:
It has never been clear to me why George W. Bush' personal endorsements of Ariel Sharon and of his non-policies regarding our relations with the Palestinians - the positive part of which until now has consisted only of verbal declarations and plans on paper, whereas in fact the occupation and Sharon's traditional pro-settler policies largely continue as before - are considered as a sign of support for Israel. If there is anything that we need from our most consistent and powerful ( some might say our only ) ally it is a widely respected and accepted American President who will have the courage and the public support at home and abroad to confront the leaders on all sides of the conflict, and to persuade them either by carrots or by some sort of stick into accepting compromises that will finally open the way towards solving a conflict that should have been solved years ago. Such courage will be an expression of a much more honest and helpful support for Israel than the current American policy vis-a-vis Israel, which basically encourages the continuation of an impossible, unjust and dangerous status quo

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