Monday, December 13, 2004

Regarding "Likud MK praises officer accused of 'confirming kill' " and "Sharon, ministers slam media discourse on IDF morality", Ha'Aretz, December 13, 2004: As sure as I am about the moral standards of the vast majority of our soldiers, I do have serious doubts about the moral and ethical standards of some of our politicians. Describing the killing of a 13-year old Palestinian girl as "wiping out a terrorist" sounds a bit like immoral overkill to me. Also, instead of accepting responsibility for having put our nation's finest in impossible situations under impossible conditions for too long already, our so-called political leaders blame the media for doing what they are supposed to do: expose excesses and incidents which prove that it is virtually impossible to occupy and keep one's moral standards simultaneously. Our soldiers deserve our full support, but even more they deserve not having to play anymore the inconceivable role of the benevolent occupier.

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