Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Regarding "Sign the Petition! Refuse to participate!" by Nadav Shragai, Ha'Aretz, December 8, 2004:
This article shows once again that a two-state solution might not be enough to solve 'the conflict', and that three, four or even more states might be needed to solve several conflicts. In fact, it appears that in addition to the Arab/Palestinian-Israeli divisions the gaps between the different interest groups within Israeli society and between (extreme)right- and leftwing activists and their sympathizers among the Jewish part of the Israeli public are becoming wider every day. Being both a historian and a Zionist, more and more - in particular on days when realistic pessimism gains the upper hand of my Zionist idealism - it seems to me that most of what is shared by the various segments of Israeli society on the other, lies in the past ( Jewish and Israeli history, religious and cultural heritage, common roots in secular Zionism ), whereas it remains to be seen whether we can share the present and future. For every Zionist refusal to serve or to carry out orders given by IDF commanders is wrong. Still, there is a difference of heaven and earth between a highly individualistic and still marginal phenomenon of refusal of serving in the territories and an openly propagated, well-organized, religiously sanctioned, and potentially violent campaign to draw our soldiers into the dirty swamps of what still are largely democratic politics.

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