Monday, December 06, 2004

Regarding "Vanunu: Israel's nukes push neighbors to get atomic weapons", Ha'Aretz, December 6, 2004:
Claiming that Islamist and other Middle Eastern countries are pushed by Israel to pursue atomic bombs and other WMDs sounds a bit like like justifying this or that terror attack by saying it is a response to such and such action by Israel. Countries like Iran ( after 1979 ) and Syria have never really searched for excuses to try and destroy the Jewish state. From 1948 onwards the very existence of that state has always been reason enough for them to look for ways to eradicate it. Those countries and the terrorists whom they sponsor will use every opportunity to harm Jews ( and other Westerners ) in general and Israelis in particular, irrespective of specific 'incentives' provided by Israel. As for the threats facing Mr Vanunu: if Israel had wanted to harm him physically it most probably would ( and certainly could ) have done so a long time ago. It must be hard if, after having been in the international spotlights for so many years, the only threat facing you is that of falling into oblivion.

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